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Advertising & Marketing - 08

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Offline Promotion Tips

by Craig Hardee

There are many ways to build traffic to your website online, but online isn’t the only way to go! Consider promoting offline as well.

Why? Consider the following:

  • There are a bunch of people not online yet. What website do you want them to check out first when they do get online?

  • t’s cool to advertise your website offline. Get yours out there with the others.

  • It’s a neat alternative. People get so many advertising messages that they tend to turn most of them off. But a website advertisement tends to get noticed because of the high interest in the Internet.

Okay, you’re ready to do some offline promotion of your website. What’s next?

  • Think about the "why." Why do you want to promote offline? Do you want to make sales? Or do you want people to visit your site? Personally, I think getting people to your site is going to be the most realistic objective of most offline promotion.

  • Think creatively. Okay, you know why you’re doing it. Now how can you get your URL out to the offline masses in a creative and memorable way? I’ll be suggesting some ways in upcoming installments of Offline Promotion Tips, but start your own list. Feel free to share your great ideas with me, by emailing me at webmaster@cyberagora.com

  • Think cheaply. Okay, I’ve been on the Internet, the true "land of the free" for too long, but offline promotion doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Look for low cost and no cost ways to promote your website offline. They are out there!

Offline promotion is not the only way to build the traffic of your site, but it can be a great complement to your online traffic building efforts.

Online + Offline = Complete Traffic Building Efforts!

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