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Email Marketing - 05

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Innovative Subject Lines, or Are They?

by Rozey Gean

How many mornings have you logged onto the Web to find multiple e-mails waiting to be read - which then, are re-directed into your trash can? Most of these e-mails, aren't deserving of your time to even open them, so why bother?

Truth is, some of the "most boring" subject lines - may have adequate information inside the body of the message. However, since the sender did not take the time to create an inviting subject line to the recipient, the marketers' offer isn't read at all.

Junk-Mail seems to be increasing with many "get rich scheme" participants. The same participants who do not have the first clue on how to get their messages read by the recipient. Why? Perhaps, the most common marketing mistake, is the less-than-enticing, "subject line" content.

If you feel you have an interesting site or offer, why not target your market using an "interesting" message or phrase in the Subject line of your e-mail message? A phrase that requires action or gives invitation to the recipient to participate.

I receive over 170 pieces of mail per day, with one-third of them discarded. Let me explain why....

Read the following Subject lines:

1.Easy Money!!!

2.Want your biz to EXPLODE?

3.Send your Webpage to 300 sites, $15.50

4.Yes, it's true, $1000/day in 4 days


6.Amazing, Now Read This!!

7.k77h761 (no subject line)

The above 7 messages using their respective subject lines listed, were not opened! I discarded each one directly into the trashcan, since none of them were appealing enough to me, to warrant any review.

Let's Review Each Subject Line Individually.....

#1. Easy Money!!!

This subject line is a dead "ringer" for an advertisement regarding "how to make money fast!" I get plenty of these messages on a daily basis - and there isn't ONE to date that gets opened any quicker than the previous mailing. Although, ALL of them find their way into the trashcan with lightning speed!

#2. Want your biz to EXPLODE?

Yes, I want my business to explode, but realizing that takes hard work, and determination to succeed, the
#2 subject line did not appeal to me. I hurried when I trashed this message, as I didn't want it to EXPLODE in my incoming box. :)

#3. Send your Webpage to 300 sites, $15.50

Like many online entrepreneurs, I promote my own site, for better control on how it gets promoted. I do all my own submissions to the search engines - and I review all my positions in each one. I realize there are other services on the Internet which would charge a minimal fee to do the work for me - but, in my opinion, this doesn't guarantee any better results than I get on my own. Nor, does it guarantee the service will take my promotions as serious as I do. Thusly, this subject line was trashed instantly.

#4. Yes, it's true, $1000/day in 4 days

Oh come on....... How often do you hear this phenomenal money-making experience? If this were absolutely indisputable, why then are the rest of us wasting our time to make peanuts? Yes, this message definitely got the "golden award" and was not spared the death of most money-making schemes. Yes, you guessed it - "Da Trashcan!"


No it wasn't! Onto the next...... :)

#6. Amazing, Now Read This!!

Not amazing enough for me to consider it different than most junk-mail. Onto the next ......

#7. k77h761 (no subject line)
On my second cup of coffee by now - and watching my online time clock - I am perplexed on how someone can think a message void of a "subject line" would grab my attention? Instead, the sender should be considering the fact that he/she did not take the time necessary to create an enticing subject. A subject
that would draw my attention and make me WANT to open the message. Incidentally, about this time, I am thinking to myself, "why should I take the necessary time to view this one?" So I didn't...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your subject lines are equal to the headline of any article. If you want your article to be opened and the content viewed, your "headline" should entice the recipient / viewer to a call for action.

Personalized subject lines (those that contain my name) will be opened much quicker. Even if the personalized message is message #7, I will open this one first.


It's just common sense to me - only a previous contact of mine, would know my name, and therefore would use it when contacting me again. Since I focus on building online relationships, any subject line that has my name in it warrants a "look see" instantly!

The point I am trying to convey? Simple...The key to being successful online starts with building relationships, not with unsolicited junk e-mail jargon. So start building your online relationships with other businesses, and do it today!

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