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Web Design / Strategy - 09

Web design strategy articles

Do people have a reason to come back to your site?

How often do you update and refresh you business site. I am not talking changing the whole look because I think branding is important. The basic logo and look and feel should stay the same.

Things that people need to come back and look for or change or post to will give them a reason to bookmark your site and come back and look for changes and updates.

Contest can become a big draw and if you belong to list you can post your new contest so people will know. There are also sites you can post contest too. One place is the MomsNetwork they have place to post your contest and also look for sponsors for contests. By adding someone's products to your contest gives them a reason to send people to your site too.

Adding informative articles to your site keeps your site active and exciting to visitors that make a habit of coming back each week or month to see what articles you have on the site to read.

Top 100 sites will get people to place a button on their site so visitors there will vote for their site and then be redirected to your site. This is a good form of viral marketing. Plus people come to your site to check their stats and see if their site has advance in the group.

Free or low cost classified sites give people a reason to come back and place more ads. While they are there give them other things to check out by using some of the ideas above.

When you make your site sticky it give people a reason to come back and the more they come back the more likely you are to make the sales your are looking for. People trust something more the more they become familiar with it. And having your site in their favorites is exactly where you want to be.

Nancy Johnson is a home business-marketing specialist, she hosts a weekly Direct Marketing chat at iVillage.com. She is the publisher of Networking Direct ezine for home business owners.Visit her site ByOurShoeStrings.com Marketing and PR Services.

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