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1. Define. We listen to our client's ambitions and challenges to shape an understanding of their mission; we analyze and assess the needs, goals and challenges facing your business and brand objectives. Once the objective is clear, strategic goals are established, outlining the projects purpose and scope, implementation plan, and technical and budgetary requirements.

2. Visualize. A functional prototype gives the project structure and form. A customized brand language is crafted to give the brand its unique appearance and personality. The brand language is then translated to the required media for optimal impact. Interactive media projects are engineered from a user's perspective, with special emphasis on functionality, scalability, and clear and effective information design.

3. Development. The project is developed by applying design to the conceptual blueprint of the brand persona and user experience defined in phase two. The development may include: navigation interface design, animation, page layout, typography, art direction, video and audio, package design, coding and scripting, full graphics editing to create a fuller visual experience.

4. Implementation. Full-scale implementation occurs in accordance with the objectives set in phases one through three. We will test all components of hardware and software defined to ensure that we meet all set requirements, including consistency, links, and content management systems.

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