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At, the systems are in place to offer you efficient service and communication whilst telecommuting on projects. At, we use technology to enhance the workflow process.

A. Print Proofing
Websites, development & printwork can be printed at your end or our for proofing. To ensure accuracy, we ensure that both parties print from the same URL (weblink).

B. Visual Proofing
Website design and development is a great medium for visual proofing. would send you a URL link via email to view work or stages of projects in progress on your own monitor or a collegues.

C. File Management / Email
Any work in progress is held on our server until completion. We can however offer access to files, and generally work via email. Project communication software we developed is soon going to improve file accessibility even more.

D. Mobile Phone
The ever-faithful Go-Phone (Julian's Mobile) is always on. We are always available if you need us. (Even on the river)

E. Phone / Fax
Most project amends, ideas etc can be explained over the phone, or faxed if neccessary. We find that a half hour focused phone call can sometimes be better than a 2 hour meeting (+ travel)

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